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Join PTA – Please help us make 2018-2019 another outstanding year by showing your support to the Haggard PTA!  Join at any time online. 


Color Run

Haggard’s first COLOR RUN took place November 30th!  Thank you to all who participated and all of the donors who made this event a success!  We raised $6,220 that will help our PTA fund programs and events that benefit our students & staff!


We are currently selling decals for choir, theater and basketball. Please click here for more details.

Adopt A Staff

Hello Haggard families,
Please consider signing up to adopt-a-staff member this year to help make sure our amazing Haggard staff feel appreciated. Running a middle school is no small task, but our Haggard staff do it with love, passion and grace. Let’s make sure they know how grateful we are for all they do. Thank you in advance for your help and please feel free to contact Rebecca Mattern with any questions.

Click here for the sign up link.

Here are the Haggard Staff Favorites 2018-2019 to help you when you are “treating” the teachers.  Please note, you will have to click Read-only when the file opens in order to view it.

Write A Check Campaign

The Write A Check Campaign is Haggard’s main fundraiser. Funds raised will support the All School Social, Programs, 6th Grade Field Trip, 7th Grade Science Project, Career Day, Community Outreach and More.

All you have to do is donate via Paypal (credit card) or write your check, made out to Haggard PTA.  If paying by check (or cash), please drop off in the front office. For credit card payments (Paypal option), click below:

We also have a fundraiser going on our Facebook page if you would prefer to contribute that way instead.

PTA Volunteers Needed

Our PTA is looking for volunteers to serve on our Board this year, as various committee chairs.  Please contact Christie if you are interested in learning more.

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    09:0 am-10:0 am
    Haggard Middle School, Parkhaven Drive, Plano, TX, USA
    The January meeting is actually scheduled for January 10th, not the 3rd as the calendar shows.
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    No additional details for this event.
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    04:0 pm-05:0 pm
    Haggard Middle School, Parkhaven Drive, Plano, TX, USA
    Haggard’s first COLOR RUN will take place November 30th at 4pm on the school field!  Raise a minimum of $25 by Friday,November 9th to receive a free custom color run t-shirt. Don't stop at $25, the more we raise, the more fun activities the PTA can provide!Go to www.thegetmovincrew.com to register your Haggard student **be sure to select your child's 6th period teacher **  You'll create a personal web page that can be shared via social media to collect donations.Funds raised from the Color Run will go toward 6th and 7th grade field trips, 8th grade celebration and Spring Social. Cash and check donations are also welcome! Please direct any questions to sforsvall@sbcglobal.net or hoodjessica09@gmail.com

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