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Why should I join Haggard PTA?

When you join the Haggard PTA, you join a community that encourages student achievement and believes in building partnerships between families and school. Membership has many benefits:

  • You will send a clear message to your child and our community that you value education.

  • You get connected with teachers, staff, other parents and other students and it is the BEST way to learn what is really going on at Haggard.

  • You can gather and share parenting information with other parents, teachers and people who really care about raising kids in today’s world.

  • You will have a voice in how the PTA prioritizes its goals and spends its limited resources. Only members can vote and hold a Haggard PTA office.

  • You get access to our online Directory, so contacting fellow parents and students is much easier.

  • You get access to the members-only sections of the Texas and National PTA websites.

  • You get to take advantage of great discounts from many companies like DELL, Enterprise, La Quinta Inns & Suites, Nationwide, Seaworld, Six Flags, Texas Rangers.

If I Join PTA, do I have to Volunteer?

No, joining the Haggard PTA does not mean that you have promised to volunteer. Yes, we need parents to help with events and other activities throughout the year, but members are not required to meet any kind of volunteer commitment. Please don’t let your concern about volunteering keep you from being a Haggard PTA member!

Where do my PTA dues go?

Our Haggard PTA Board Members have worked diligently to assure our money is spent wisely and with the best intentions. The dues you pay to join the PTA are divided between National, Texas and Haggard PTA’s. The National and Texas PTA’s use their portions to provide training and guidance to national/local chapters so we can all do our best to support education of students.

The Haggard PTA uses your dues to help pay for the many programs and activities we sponsor at our school each year, including:

  • Educational Programs and assemblies

  • Educational Training for Haggard Teachers and Staff

  • Social events for Haggard Students

  • Recognition ceremonies for Students

  • 8th Grade celebration and Lunch

  • Reflections

  • Parent Education

  • Teacher Appreciation

  • Support for classes, community, clubs, student programs

  • Field Trips on and off campus.

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