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Haggard PTA Communications

The Haggard PTA Communications team realizes what a challenge it can be keeping parents updated on all activities.  Our goal is to keep families informed of school and PTA activities and events in hopes of gaining increased participation and support from them.  Our team wants to help make your PTA job easier.  We’re here to help share your information, event or announcement with Haggard and the Plano community.  To submit information for publication:

Send to haggardenews@gmail.com

We know our parents use many different communication pathways to get news and information.  To meet you on the communication highway, Haggard PTA and Haggard Middle School use multiple platforms to keep parents informed and in touch with what is going on within our campus and in our community.

Communications Questions:  haggardenews@gmail.com

Haggard Weekly EagleNews

Sign up to receive a weekly email from Haggard Middle School and Haggard PTA.  For your convenience, the school and the PTA combine information into one single weekly so you can be confident that you are up to date on everything happening on our campus.  You may also sign up for multiple schools and the PISD district e-newsletter here too.  Make sure you have subscribed so you don’t miss any updates!  Sign up for PISD eNews now in the Parent Portal or at elist.pisd.edu.  Sign up for PTA ENews through our Parent Connect link.

To view the most recent Haggard Eagles ENews, click here.

Haggard PTA Facebook Page

Screenshot 2014-07-08 21.42.57Our Facebook page is where you can find late-breaking news, and information about what’s happening on campus and in our community. This will be monitored and will be an information tool only. Please do not post your personal feelings or opinions on this site.   The Haggard PTA wants to keep you informed and we welcome appropriate questions.

PISD Parent Portal

Screenshot 2014-07-08 21.43.09Sign up at www.pisd.edu/parents to view your child’s attendance and grades; pay for lunches and PASAR.